Sunnyside-Tahoe City, in Placer County, CA, is on the northwest shore of Lake Tahoe. (Population aprox. 1,761) with updates to occur in the 2010 Census.

Lake Tahoe

A Mountain Lake

Lake Tahoe is 72 miles in perimeter. It is the 10th deepest lake in the world. And, it was formed by faults (the thrusting of rock due to tectonic activity.)

Visit this mountain lake, Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevadas (a mountain range that is part of the Ring of Fire). The faults together form the walls which hold the water from the melted snow.

Lake Tahoe is perched 6,225 ft. above sea level. Its only outlet is the Truckee River. The border that separates Nevada from California gives roughly a third of the lake to Nevada, and, makes a shallow angle as the line goes more eastward. The lake marks a bend in the border between these two very different States.


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Tragic History

Truckee, Nevada County, California: (Population 13,864) to be updated by the 2010 Census.

This was the site of the historic Donner Party ordeal in 1846. -link to wikipedia article.

American pioneers traveling to California delayed by mishaps spend the Winter snowbound in the Sierra Nevadas and turn to cannibalism to survive.

Visit the Donner Memorial State Park, a U.S. State Park, where you will find the Emigrant Trail Museum and the Pioneer Monument.

The site at Alder Creek where the party was trapped is a National Historic Landmark.

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